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Women on the Beach

From the initial steps into young adulthood to the wisdom-filled years of later life, a woman’s journey is marked by a series of profound transformations, deeply entwined with her biological rhythms and hormonal shifts. Staying healthy through these changes requires a focused approach. iV nutritional therapy offers a powerful tool in this quest. By ensuring optimal micronutrient levels directly through the bloodstream, it supports hormone production and balance. This is crucial for maintaining both mental and physical health at their peak.


Micronutrients lay the groundwork for a strong and balanced body, aiding in everything from mood regulation to enhancing physical stamina. Especially during critical periods such as perimenopause, menopause or times of stress, iV therapy can provide the necessary boost by replenishing vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It enhances energy, helps hormone balance, supports hydration, and strengthens the immune system, allowing women to embrace life's stages with energy and health. In essence, maintaining optimal micronutrient levels is key to a thriving health journey, making iV nutritional therapy an invaluable ally for women at every stage of life.

Our Promise: 

At Replenish, our recommendations are the culmination  of more than a decade's expertise in iV Nutritional Therapy, enriched by an integrative blend of holistic nutrition and Functional Medicine principles. Our commitment is unwavering: to guide you toward therapies meticulously formulated for your ultimate benefit. We never compromise on quality or skimp on ingredients; every therapy is designed with your optimal wellness in mind, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best care. 

Women's Health


+ Improve Overall Health

+ Increase Energy

+ Improved feelings of overwhelm

+ Help ease PMS symptoms

+ Enhance energy during cycle

+ Balance Hormones

+ Enhance Mental Clarity/Focus

+ Amplify Skin Health

+ Enhance Mood

+ Improve Mental Health

+ Decrease Anxiety & Depression

+ Anti-Aging

+ Better Sleep

+ Optimize Immune Function

+ Improve Chronic Illness

+ Decrease Risk For Chronic Illness

Save $40

Essential Women's Health Rx: 

The Essential Women's Health Rx is designed to cater specifically to women's unique health needs, delivering key nutrients through a Vitamin and Mineral iV infusion specifically designed for women that promotes overall wellbeing. By incorporating essential elements like Vitamin C, B vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, and Glutathione, this regimen addresses common nutritional deficiencies, supports bone health, enhances immune function, and aids in detoxification. Ultimately, this approach offers a holistic solution to empower women's health, providing a foundation for vitality and preventing common health issues.

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Save $115

Enhanced Women's Health Rx: 

Vitamin D beautifully supports women’s health, serving as a cornerstone for well-being. It's crucial for ensuring that calcium, the major building block of our bones, is effectively absorbed. This is particularly important for us as we age, helping to keep our bones robust and reducing the risk of osteoporosis—a concern that grows stronger in our later years. 


But vitamin D’s benefits extend far beyond bone health. It’s associated with a lower risk of certain cancers, notably breast cancer, offering a shield against a challenge too many women face. It also plays a supportive role in our immune system, helping to fend off diseases and may even reduce the prevalence of autoimmune conditions, which disproportionately affect women. 


Mood enhancement is another of vitamin D's gifts. It can elevate our spirits, offering a little lift when we might need it most. Given the widespread issue of vitamin D deficiency, ensuring we get enough—whether through the sunshine, our diet, or supplements—feels like a simple yet profound step towards nurturing our health and embracing a fuller, vibrant life.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of infrared sauna therapy introduces a potent tool for detoxification, relaxation, and pain relief, further supporting cardiovascular health and aiding in stress reduction. This comprehensive approach not only addresses nutritional deficiencies and supports bone health but also maximizes the body’s detoxification processes and enhances overall wellbeing.

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Everything in the Essential Women's Health Rx



Save $300

Gold Standard Women's Health Rx: 

This recommendation encompasses the pinnacle of wellness strategies tailored for women, integrating the robust offerings of the Enhanced Women's Health Rx with the revolutionary addition of  NAD+ iV therapy.  The introduction of NAD+ - a significant advancement in this wellness strategy, offering unparalleled support for cellular health, energy metabolism, and age-related health issues. NAD+ serves as a key molecule in every cellular function and is essential for maintaining mitochondrial health, promoting DNA repair, and supporting neurological health among countless other benefits. This inclusion not only enhances physical vitality and counters the effects of aging but also plays a critical role in mental clarity and cognitive function, reinforcing the regimen's commitment to holistic health.


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Everything in the Enhanced Women's Health Rx




Of Americans have at least one preventable chronic disease


Of Americans do not consume recommended intake of fruits


Of Americans do not consume recommended daily intake of vegetables


Of Americans do not meet daily Vitamin D requirements.


Of Americans do not consume recommended daily intake of magnesium

US Department of Health and Human Services and US Department of Agriculture. 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans December 2015. Available at:

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