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  • Is intravenous (iV) therapy safe?
    The intravenous (iV) procedure is common practice in the medical field and is associated with minimal complications if performed with proper training. The most common risk (yet still often rare) can be bruising at the iV site. We do our best to reduce this risk by providing detailed instructions on post procedure recommendations. At Replenish, our medical professionals are highly trained and take the utmost care to ensure that your therapy is as safe as possible.
  • Are vitamins consumed in whole foods different from those you receive through an iV or iM injection at Replenish?
    All vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants we use at Replenish are USP verified. This means they have the highest certification possible that they are not only the exact nutrient you would consume through whole foods, but they are also the purest form available.
  • Does iV therapy hurt?
    Typically, there is a very small amount of pain associated with iV placement (a little pinch). If you're worried about the pain, we can help numb the iV site with a topical numbing technique prior to administrating the iV.
  • How often should I get iV therapy?
    Our providers at Replenish can help tailor each guests therapy individually. Depending on your goals, iV therapy can be administered safely a few times a week.
  • Where does Replenish get their nutrients?
    All of our vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are compounded from reputable PCAB accredited compounding pharmacies that we have vetted and we trust. These nutrients are also USP verified which means they have the highest certification possible that they are not only the exact nutrient you would consume through whole foods, but are also the purest form available. All of the materials and mixing/administration equipment we use for iV therapy are FDA approved, sterile, and single use.
  • How long do nutrients stay in the body after an iV?
    Truthfully, it varies based on multiple factors (primarily which nutrients, solubility, and how deficient the body is of those nutrients). Intravenous administration allow for 100% absorption of nutrients at higher concentrations into the serum (where the body can most easily access these nutrients). This gives a significantly longer and greater opportunity for cells to absorb the nutrients. Althought, some nutrients taken up by the cells may eventually escape after an iV infuion, healing takes place before they do. Research has shon that if cells are repeatedly "flooded" with nutrients in this fashion, continued health improvement occurs.
  • Should I visit Replenish or go to an Emergency Room for hydration therapy?
    The difference between Replenish and the Emergency Room is cost and the comfort. The average cost of an ER visit for Hydration Therapy is close to $1000. The average wait time is 4 hours. For a fraction of the cost and time, our Emergency Trained medical professionals will cater to your hydration needs in a spa like environment.
  • How long does it take to get the iV therapy?
    Typically your entire experience at Replenish will last 45 minutes to 1 hour for most therapies. NAD+ will take longer (~4hours).
  • Are there any negative side effects to iV therapy?
    Most of our therapies have no negative side effects. A few of the vitamins can cause a whole body warmth feeling while others can make you feel very relaxes. If you're getting a health therapy, especially with Vitamin C, it is common to initially feel tired and sometimes flu like. This is called the Hertzheimer reaction or Health detox. This typically does not last long and will improve with each therapy. Our medical professional will provide you with all the details of your therapy prior to administration. As alway, we can be reached to answer any questions you may have following your therapy at 404-891-9248 or via email at
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We qualify for FSA and HSA. However, we do not currently accept insurance. For those wanting to submit their receipts to their insurance company for reimbursement, we are happy to write a medical necessity letter if needed to help you for filing a claim.
  • What should I expect from the iV therapies?
    Our therapies have many different effects. Some are designed to relieve headaches, body aches, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Others provide an energy boost, immune support, skin enhancement, and promote mental acuity. Some therapies provide more immediate results, while others (ie. Hello Beautiful, NAD+, Myers' , Glutathione) may take multiple therapy sessions to reach their full potential. In some of our therapies with Vitamin C, it is common to experience what we call a health detox known as the Hertzheimer reaction. This reaction can be accompanied by fatigue, achiness, and flu-like symptoms. These feelings are normal, short-lived, and will significantly improve as healing and health improvement occurs with each therapy (typically within a few therapies). Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 404-891-9248 or send us an email to
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