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Hugging a Pillow

Feeling Crummy

Our iV therapy offerings are designed to combat those days when you feel less than your best, utilizing hydration, immune-boosting nutrients, and specific medications for nausea, vomiting, headaches, body aches, and upset stomachs. These tailored solutions work synergistically to get you feeling better faster, so you can return to enjoying life with vitality.

Our Promise: 

At Replenish, our recommendations are the culmination of more than a decade's expertise in iV Nutritional Therapy, enriched by an integrative blend of holistic nutrition and Functional Medicine principles. Our commitment is unwavering: to guide you toward therapies meticulously formulated for your ultimate benefit. We never compromise on quality or skimp on ingredients; every therapy is designed with your optimal wellness in mind, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best care. 

Helpful For:

+ When Feeling Sick

  • Viral Illness, GI Bug, Sore throat, etc

+ Hangovers 

+ Migraines 

  • with known history of migraines

+ When Dehydrated

  • fatigue, headaches, dry lips, dark urine, dry mouth

+ Post Surgery

  • Enhance healing, promote tissue repair, bolster immune system, maintain optimal hydration, elevate energy

+ Post-Illness Recovery

  • Combats illness-induced oxidative stress, helps fortify immune defenses, energizes, promotes optimal recovery

Save $51

Essential (1.0) Feeling Crummy Rx: 

Whether you're battling an illness, suffering from the aftermath of a night out, grappling with the effects of long-distance travel, enduring a rigorous workout, or simply trying to cope with the relentless Atlanta heat, this bundle offers a rapid and efficient means to replenish the body.

Please click on each offering to learn more.


Save $50

Essential (2.0) Feeling Crummy Rx: 

This carefully designed recommendation is tailored to bolster your body's natural defenses, especially during those critical times when you're on the brink of illness, actively battling sickness, or in the phase of recovery from a hangover or illness. 


Please click on each offering to learn more.


Save $85

Enhanced Feeling Crummy Rx: 

Dive into our carefully curated bundle, meticulously crafted to guide you on a swift journey to wellness. This all-inclusive Essential Rx package is your ultimate companion in bolstering your body's natural defenses, perfectly pitched for those critical moments—whether you're teetering on the edge of falling ill, in the midst of sickness, or navigating the delicate recovery from a hangover or illness. With a focus on rapid relief and recovery, each element within this bundle has been selected to offer comprehensive support for your well-being and help you feel better faster.

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Everything in the Essential (1.0 + 2.0) Feeling Crummy Rx:

Save $190

Gold Standard Feeling Crummy Rx: 

This premium option includes all the vital ingredients of our enhanced formula, but caters even more to those seeking additional protective benefits, as numerous studies have demonstrated that high doses of Vitamin C are potent in halting viral replication. This mechanism is key in mitigating the intensity and duration of viral infections, proving invaluable for individuals beginning to experience symptoms and eager to curtail the sickness timeline. It is recommended to receive this therapy or up to 50 grams of Vitamin C 3 days in a row. 

Plan Ahead:  Help your body + immune system even more by optimizing your Vitamin D levels + getting tested for High Dose Vitamin C so you're able to receive 50 grams. Ask us for more information. 

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Everything in the Enhanced Feeling Crummy Rx




Estimated number of colds families with children experience each year.  

10-14 days

Average time to fully recover from viral illnesses


Of people who become intoxicated experience some degree of a hangover.


Estimated number of Americans that got the flu  in 2023.


Of all heart disease, stroke, Type II Diabetes, and up to 40% of cancer could be prevented with better nutrition. 

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