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Hello! We are Replenish.

Established  in 2012  

Medical Providers: 
At Replenish, our team of medical providers is not only licensed, highly-trained, and experienced in Emergency Medicine, but they are also genuinely kind individuals who deeply care about your well-being. In addition to providing expert iV placement and medical care, our providers also regularly experience the benefits of iV therapies themselves. This firsthand experience allows them to genuinely relate to and confirm the advantages of these therapies. Experience compassionate expertise and exceptional care at Replenish. 
Dr. James Clark

Dr. Clark is originally from South Florida. He is a graduate of Emory School of Medicine and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago in 1999. Dr. Clark has been a phenomenal and trustworthy Emergency Medicine physician in Atlanta since completing residency. He truly cares about his patients and does all he can to help enhance their health.


In 2020, after 14 years of working in the ER with Britt, our founder, Dr. Clark joined the Replenish team. His expertise and wonderful personality has been a great asset to Replenish and our guests.


Dr. Clark lives in Buckhead with his partner and enjoys cycling, fine dining, and traveling around the world.

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Britt (Marler) Driggers MMS, PA-C, Holistic Nutritionist

Originally from Indiana, Britt completed her undergraduate degree in Biology, Spanish, and Psychology at Indiana University before embarking on her journey in the medical field. After graduating from Wake Forest Medical Center in 2006, Britt dedicated nearly 15 years to serving as the lead Physician Assistant in a demanding Emergency Department at an Atlanta Level I Trauma Center. In 2023, Britt proudly became a holistic nutritionist.


Driven by her passion for enhancing the well-being of others, Britt founded Replenish in 2012. Through Replenish, she devoted herself to extensive research and the implementation of innovative methods to enhance health through intravenous hydration and vitamin therapy. Drawing on her extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, ongoing education in integrative, and holistic nutrition, and profound knowledge of nutritional iV therapy, Britt aims to educate individuals on the remarkable benefits of iV therapy in a setting that ensures patients feel at peace, cared for, and, above all, safe.


In addition to being the owner of Replenish, Britt also receives Replenish iV therapies on a regular basis to optimize her overall health. Through lifestyle changes and enhanced nutrition with iV therapy, especially high-dose vitamin C, she has successfully thrived off her medication for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, illustrating the transformative impact of holistic approaches to well-being.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Britt finds joy in embracing life to the fullest. She cherishes precious moments with her husband, two boys, and friends, and is passionate about staying active, exploring the world, reading, practicing yoga and meditation, and giving back to the community.

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