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Of teacher absences are due to being sick


Risk of getting sick on a plane if you happen to sit in same row, row in front of or behind someone that is sick

1 billion

Number of colds Americans get in a year


Of returning travelers have post-vacation illnesses.

6 times

Healthcare workers on average are 6 times more likely to get sick than non-healthcare workers. 

Sick Prevention

Studies show that continuous supplementation of immune boosting nutrients, especially Vitamin C and Zinc,  help reduce risk of getting a viral illness, and if one does, reduces intensity and duration of symptoms.Whether. you're trying to optimize your immune system just throughout winter Viral Season, are traveling, have a high stress job, are exposed to those who are often sick (i.e teacher, healthcare worker, first responder, and more), or are a parent who's children seem to get a new virus every time they go to school, we have the therapy that will keep your immune boosting micronutrients at optimal levels.  

Helpful For: 

+ Cold+Flu Season
 During Viral Season, optimizing the immune system through targeted strategies like IV nutritional therapy can benefit everyone, helping to safeguard against infections and maintain overall health.
+ Parents

Optimize your immune system to help prevent kid borne illnesses from spreading to you!  

+ Pre-Travel + Post-Travel

Air travel can diminish immune system function due to the stress associated with traveling, dehydration caused by high altitudes, and close proximity to other passengers which increases exposure to pathogens. Additionally, the dry cabin air can impair the protective barriers of the respiratory system, and the disruption of the body's circadian rhythms caused by changing time zones further weakens the immune response, making travelers more vulnerable to infections.
 + Healthcare Workers
For healthcare workers who are onstantly exposed to a high volume of sick individuals and considerable stress, optimizing their immune system is crucial. Their  work environment not only increases their risk of exposure to pathogens but also subjects them to long hours and emotional strain, both of which can significantly impact their body's ability to fight infections. 

 + Teachers

For teachers, who engage closely with students and colleagues, optimizing their immune system is vital due to their continuous exposure to germs and the stress associated with educational responsibilities. The classroom environment, often bustling with activity and sometimes lacking in ventilation, can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Coupled with the demands of lesson planning, grading, and managing diverse student needs, the stress can take a toll on their immune function. 

 + Those that work outside

For individuals working outdoors in the Atlanta heat, optimizing their immune system is especially important due to the unique challenges posed by high temperatures and humidity. The intense heat can lead to dehydration, overheating, and heat-related illnesses, all of which can stress the body and weaken its ability to fight infections. Additionally, prolonged exposure to the sun without proper protection can negatively affect skin health and overall immune function. 

What we treat:



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