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This 4+ hour treatment has been shown to help reverse the effect of aging and stress, decrease fear and anxiety, while also providing energy, mental clarity, heightened self awareness, improved mood, better problem solving ability, and improved focus and concentration over time. Many have described this therapy as life changing. Recommended starting dose is 500mg. Start time for those new to NAD+ is 10am. 


Recommendation: Add the Vitamin Drip after this therapy to help enhance this effect.


NAD+ (Anti-Aging)- 500mg to 1000mg

  • This therapy typically takes about 4 hours to administer. However, we set the rate based on our protocols and how each individual guests feel. Some guests may be able to tolerate a faster rate, while others may need a longer session. Typically the more frequently one gets this therapy, the better they are able to tolerate it. You are welcome to work in your private room while you're getting this therapy, nap, watch tv, or just relax. 

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