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Acute + Chronic Illness Support

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Clean Up + Recovery Crew

From over a decade of experience in iV Nutrition, this combination of therapies have been shown to enhance overall micronutrient 

HYDRATION (basic replenishment of fluids):

The body works hard to fight off illness and recover from surgery . In this process dehydration comes easily. Replenish lost fluids and electrolytes with this hydrating therapy.  Add an extra liter of hydration for justs

  • 1L of hydrating fluids:  ~30min-1hr

IMMUNE BOOST (immune system needs extra boost)

Included in this therapy are all the nutrients needed for cleaning up after illness. Illness causes used energy, used immune fighting resources, increases free radicals -cause oxiidative stress.  Supporting and replenishing body with these nutrients will help you heal more optimally and get you feeling better and more energized faster.  





Vitamin C has many healing processes and is wonderful to help your body heal after surgery.

What we treat:



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