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Indulge in the ultimate remedy for post-overindulgence recovery with our rejuvenating IV Hangover Therapy. Replenishing vital nutrients and replenishing lost fluids caused by alcohol consumption, this treatment offers a blissful retreat from the effects of a night out. Experience the relief as 1 liter of hydrating fluids, immune boosting Vitamin C, energizing B vitamins, and headache, nausea, and upset stomach medications work their magic to banish those dreaded hangover symptoms.


Add-on Recommendations:

Seeking extra relief? Elevate your experience with an additional liter of fluid for extended comfort. Elevate your recovery further by adding Glutathione to support your liver, enhance energy, and promote mental clarity. Embrace the tranquility as Magnesium fosters relaxation, helping to alleviate restlessness for a more serene sleep. 

Ultimate Hangover Relief


    • 1 liter of hydrating fluids with extra electrolytes
    • B Vitamins
    • Vitamin C
    • Headache (toradol), nausea (zofran), and upset stomach medicine (pepcid)
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