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Step into a world of comfort and relief with our specially tailored IV therapy, designed to bring tranquility and wellness to expecting mothers experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy. Delivered alongside two liters of hydrating fluids, this restorative therapy also includes specialized medications to alleviate nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach, offering a holistic approach to easing discomfort and promoting a more enjoyable pregnancy journey. Embrace the opportunity to nurture your well-being and soothe your body through this exclusive IV therapy, tailored with care and consideration for the unique needs of expectant mothers. Elevate your experience and embark on a path to a more blissful and serene pregnancy with our dedicated IV therapy, exclusively crafted for you.



(for pregnant guests only please)




Morning Sickness Relief


    • Up to 2 liters of hydrating fluids
    •  Nausea (zofran) and upset stomach medicine (pepcid)
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