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Indulge in our IV Immune Boost therapy, a powerhouse blend of immune-enhancing nutrients designed to equip your body with the essential tools it needs to combat seasonal challenges, travel fatigue, and post-illness recovery. Packed with a potent combination of 1 liter of hydrating fluids, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and energizing B vitamins, this revitalizing treatment is geared towards empowering your immune system to ward off infections and regain its strength. Whether you're gearing up to fend off a looming cold or seeking to bounce back from the effects of travel or recent illness, our IV Immune Boost therapy is your go-to solution for providing your body with the targeted support it deserves. Trust in the rejuvenating power of this therapy to bolster your immune defenses and revitalize your overall well-being.


Recommendations: Add Glutathione & extra Vitamin C 


*Extra add-on Vitamin C to this therapy is only $15/gram


Immune Boost


    • 1 liter of hydrating fluids
    • 5 grams Vitamin C
    • High Dose Zinc
    • High Dose B Vitamins
    • Selenium
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