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Revel in the journey to rejuvenated skin and vibrant hair with our specialized skincare infusion. Infused with the restorative power of IV fluids, high doses of Vitamin C and Glutathione, and the rejuvenating effects of B5 and Biotin, our treatment aims to diminish skin blemishes, brighten skin tone, and smooth wrinkles, while also nurturing the vitality of your hair and nails. Unveil your skin's natural luminosity and promote a revitalized appearance through our comprehensive approach to beauty and well-being. Embrace the potential for radiant, even-toned skin and vibrant, healthy hair, guided by our commitment to elevating your natural radiance. 


For Skin lightening: Individual results may vary, influenced by factors such as eumelanin production and the initial Fitzpatrick skin scale. Through anecdotal research, it has been demonstrated that optimal results are often achieved with 1-3 grams of glutathione administered 1-2 times weekly, paired with 2-5 grams of Vitamin C. Uncover the potential for glowing, even-toned skin and vibrant, healthy hair with our targeted approach to skincare and wellness, designed to elevate your natural radiance.

Hello Beautiful

  • This therapy includes Glutathione which contains sulfa. Unfortunately, we will not be able to administer Gluathione safely to those with a sulfa allergy. 

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