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Of Americans have at least one preventable chronic disease


Of Americans do not consume recommended intake of fruits


Of Americans do not consume recommended daily intake of vegetables


Of Americans do not meet daily Vitamin D requirements.


Of Americans do not consume recommended daily intake of magnesium

US Department of Health and Human Services and US Department of Agriculture. 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans December 2015. Available at:

Optimize My Health 

Micronutrient inadequacies in many American diets, exacerbated by the high consumption of nutrient-poor foods, may manifest subtly through fatigue, immunity issues, and cognitive troubles, potentially leading to long-term health conditions such as chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances. Recognizing this, iV nutritional therapy emerges as an efficient solution to intercept and address these deficiencies by delivering essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This aspect of iV therapy is particularly pertinent for those with malabsorption issues, such as leaky gut, ensuring that individuals receive the full spectrum of necessary vitamins and minerals without being compromised by poor gastrointestinal absorption, thus closing the nutritional gaps effectively and supporting overall health and wellbeing.

Enhance Mood

A healthier body leads to a happier human. 

Better Sleep

Enhanced micronutrient intake can help optimize hormones, stress levels, and help improve sleep.

Better Skin Health

Beautiful skin starts within. Maximize nutrients that play a key role in skin health. 

Increase Energy

Optimal hydration and nutrition is key for improving energy. 

Enhance Mental

Clarity + Focus

Proper hydration and micronutrient intake play a big role in lowering inflammation and enhancing mental clarity.

Improve mental health (anxiety/depression)

Many nutrient deficiencies are linked to mental health conditions. Optimizing nutrition can help improve symptoms. 

Improve Chronic Illness

Optimizing nutrition can largely improve chronic illness.

Hormone Balance

Optimal levels of certain nutrients are imperative for ideal hormone levels

Decrease Risk for Chronic Illness

Optimizing nutrition and reducing oxidative stress plays a large role in helping lower risk of getting  chronic illness.

Optimize Immune Function

Decrease risk of getting sick, and if you do, lessen duration + intensity


NAD+ and overall health improvement has been decrease signs of aging

Improve Overall health

Optimal nutrition is key to improving overall health

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