What to Expect:

Walking into Replenish, you'll immediately notice that this isn't your typical medical office. The calm, spa-like ambiance of Replenish will relax you and put you at ease.  Upon arriving, you'll consult with our nurse regarding your individual needs and concerns. This will enable you to make a smart choice concerning which therapy is right for you. Feel free to bring your own tablet or reading material. If you forget, we'll have one waiting for you.

The IV insertion feels like a quick pinch and only takes a few seconds. Soon, you'll be relaxing in our comfortable chairs while cozying up with a warm blanket, reading a book, or watching a show. All the while, your body will be recharging with hydrating fluids and essential nutrients.

Different therapies have different effects. Some therapies cause an immediate calming effect while others give an energy boost that lasts for days and sometimes weeks. Ultimately, the therapy you choose is completely up to you. However, our knowledgeable providers will be there to provide thorough guidance if you need a little help.