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1. What is the best way to prevent a fall at Replenish? *
2. True or False: We allow patients to bring their IV line and bag into the restroom with them *
3. What is the best way to prevent the spread of disease? *
4. How long should I wash my hands according to the Replenish hand washing guidelines? *
5. True or False: Every replenish vitamin, medication and mineral injection is safe to administer to pregnant *
6. What are the most important questions to ask a patient prior to IV administration? *
7. What is a major contraindication of treating a headache at Replenish? *
8. Is it ok to give Toradol to a patient that took Advil 3 hours before? *
9. How do you administer glutathione IV? *
10. What do you do if you have a question or concern about a patient or treatment? *
11. What do you do if you get stuck by a needle? *
12. What are signs of an allergic reaction? *
13. What do you tell Clients if we have run out of an item? *
14. When do you administer Benadryl and Pepcid if suspecting allergic reaction? *
15. When do I call 911? *
16. At what angle do you insert the needle into the vial when pulling up vitamins or medications? *
17. True or False: You can use the same needle and syringe for different vials *
18. How do you recap a needle? *
19. True or False: Always wipe the vials and IV bag with alcohol swab before puncturing *
20. True or False: Always label bag with patient name, ingredients and initials of mixer *
21. Which is not considered Protected Health information under HIPPA? *
22. True or False: taking pictures of famous clients and posting on social media is a violation of HIPPA *
23. While eating lunch in the break room, you overhear a group of people discussing a patient, including diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. You notice other employees as well as visitors and nearby tables. Do? *
24. True or False: A signed authorization gives Replenish permission to disclose any and all parts of a patient record *
25. Bert and Ernie are students and friends who are completing an internship on the same patient care unit. Ernie can't seem to log in with his username and password so asks to borrow Bert's. What should Bert do? *