Replenish Provider Training

I. How to start an IV:

A. Read section about starting IVs in Replenish Protocols and Procedures
B. Watch: below...

II. Aseptic technique to mix IV bags

A. Watch: below....

III. Handwashing Video:

A. Watch:

step 1: turn on water
step 2: use soap
step 3: wash between fingers
step 4: wash back of hands
step 5: wash base of thumbs
step 6: wash fingernails
step 7: wash back of fingers
step 8: wash wrists
step 9: rinse
step 10: dry (starting at wrists and moving towards fingers) should take about 40-60seconds Handwashing_why_it's_important.jpg/$File/Handwashing_why_it's_important..JPG

IV. Needle stick Policy and procedure:

A. read blood borne pathogen handbook

B. If needle stick occurs:
1. immediately wash area with soap and water thoroughly
2. wash area with alcohol
3. notify manager
4. you will then be directed to worker's comp clinic for testing

C. Needle stick prevention: watch:


D. watch video:

V. Fall Prevention Protocol:

A. Reducing Falls with IV lines:
1. make sure you verbalize to patient to not get after treatment starts. If patient needs to

get up, tell them to get ahold of provider
2. stop the IV line. remove it from ultrasite cap prior to patient getting up.

B. Reducing falls on wet surfaces:

1. If you notice any leakage of water/IV fluid or wet areas after cleaning, be sure to mop up with dry towel and place a caution wet floor sign (if in hallway)

C. Reduce falls with equipment:

1. lamp cords should be kept behind chairs to avoid tripping.
2. After using it back up against the wall to avoid tripping 3. make sure no boxes or equipment blocks an exit
4. check trash to make sure nothing has fallen on the floor
5. make sure to throw away all used products in proper recipticals