Replenish Therapies

(all therapies below include 1 liter of fluid)





                    “The Vitamin Drip”-  aka Myers' Cocktail (B12, B5, B6, B complex, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C)- $129

                    “Immune Boost” – High Dose Vitamin C, B vitamins, Zinc- $129               

                    “The Ultimate Antioxidant” - Glutathione- $129 ($60 for just the push, no fluids)

                    "Extra High dose Vitamin C"- please email us for details

                     "Poly MVA"-  please email us for details




                      “Performance”  (B12, B complex, Glutathione, BCAA)- $129

                      “Recover”  (B12, B complex, Glutamine, Magnesium)- $129



                       “Over-indulgence Relief”: (B vitamins, Thiamine, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, headache + nausea/vomiting relief)- $129



                       “The Pacifier”- Morning Sickness Relief (B6, anti-nausea, upset stomach relief + 2 liters of fluid)- $129

                       “Vitamins are a girls best friend”-  (b12, b complex, calcium, Vitamin C, folic acid)- $129

                       “Just one of them days”-PMS relief –(B6, B12, magnesium + pain or anti-nausea relief) -$129



                     “La Bella” –Skin & Body Beautifier (Biotin, Glutathione, B5, Vitamin C) -$129

                       "Hello Beautiful"- Ultimate Skin Enhancer (1g of glutathione + 2g of Vitamin C)- $150




A' La Carte Therapies start at $59. 

$59 Normal Saline Fluid,    $65 Lactated Ringers (fluids + extra electrolytes),    

$20 per ingredient

IM Boosts

(intramuscular shots): 



         -Glutathione ($35)

         -B12+Bcomplex+Magnesium ($59)