Hydration therapy

Water makes up approximately 60% of our body and is essential to ensuring that our organ systems function at their peak. Inadequate hydration causes fatigue, dizziness, headaches, concentration lapses, moodiness, dry lips, and increased susceptibility to illness. Exercise, traveling, sweating, recent illness, and caffeine and alcohol consumption often cause dehydration. Hydrate faster with IV therapy!


Normal saline = hydrating fluids + sodium and chloride electrolytes

This hydrating fluid matches your body's natural make up better than any sports drink or water alone. Hydrating through the IV route bypasses the GI tract and prevents stomach upset or bloating. R-ehydrate better and faster with 1 liter of Normal saline!


Lactated ringers = Hydrating fluids + extra electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, lactate)

Excessive sweating from exercise, vomiting from illness and consuming a little too much to drink will leave you even more dehydrated and depleted of essential electrolytes. This IV therapy is packed with extra electrolytes and hydrating fluids that will help get you feeling better faster!