I would not have survived my first trimester pregnancy if it weren’t for Replenish. It gave me energy and kept me going.
— -J.R
I felt great afterwards, but even better a few days later. Better than I have in months!
— Andrea
Following the Replenish treatment I experienced a decrease in soreness and an increase in recovery time
— E.M semi-pro body bulider
The morning after a bachelorette party I was feeling miserable. I had one bag of fluids and felt so energized!
— Lisa
[After trying the over-indulgence treatment] Oh it definitely did help! Typically I would still be in my pj’s. Got my car, mellow mushroom, and groceries. Yay!
— Jeremy
I had the worst morning sickness and was severely dehydrated. I had to get fluids many times in 3 months. Replenish saved me and my pocket (since I didn’t have to keep going to the ER). I’m forever grateful!
I started to feel like I was about to get a cold so I immediately went to get a vitamin treatment. It worked better than airborne! Felt great the next day!
— S.C
I suffer with pain and fatigue. After the vitamin treatment I was much better: relaxed with decreased pain and more energy
— L.B