ahmad abdullah, mba

A native of Atlanta GA, Ahmad serves as Director of Information Technology for the largest global operator and owner of Trading Platform and Clearing Houses (Intercontinental Exchange | NYSE), headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Ahmad has a passion for entrepreneurship, expressed through successfully participating in startups ranging in industries from mens apparel and distribution, technology and women's haircare. Shortly after receiving his MBA for Georgia Institute of Technology, Ahmad began consulting with Dr. Waz and NomadMD, developing the NomadMD business plan. He would later invest in NomadMD, becoming a 25% stakeholder and Managing Partner. Ahmad would later lead guidance for NomadMD purchasing a majority stake in Replenish, forming Replenish by NomadMD.

Ahmad is responsible for leading ongoing Replenish business transactions, acquisitions, fund raising, business development and future growth.  In his free time he enjoys exploring Atlanta's growing restaurant scene, traveling, tracking new Atlanta tech startups and spending time with family and friends.